Top 10 Most Valuable Records $$

By Monique Dolan & Sophia Hernandez

10_ I Can’t Believe
The Hornets
sold for $25,000
WHY: This is a doo-wop, double-sided, 78rpm, released in 1953.

9_God Save the Queen, Single 1977
Sex Pistols
sold for $25,000
WHY: During the one week that the Sex Pistols were signed to A&M Records, the famousGod Save the Queen 45rpm 7″ single was recorded and released. Only a dozen or so are known to be alive, with the original mailer covers intact.

The Beatles
sold for $25,000
WHY: Different variations of this album cover have been repeatedly counterfeited, but what’s so special about the original? Within the back panel of the cover lies the Vee-Jay record label logo, with “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You” in addition to the track titles.

7_Elvis Presley
Stay Away, Joe, Promotional Album
sold for $25,000
WHY: This single-sided promotional record was made to only play once on the radio.

6_Velvet Undergound & Nico
sold for $25,200
WHY: The original Norman Dolph test pressing contains unreleased recorded material from the Sceptor Studios sessions. These recordings are said to be mixes and different takes of songs that are on the album.

5_Frank Wilson
Do I Love You?
sold for $30,000
WHY: It is believed that there are only three copies. The third was bought through an online auction.

4_Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin’
sold for $35,000
WHY: Represses of this record have ensued deleted tracks and modified album track listings in the US and Canada. The original copies – allegedly destroyed by Columbia Records – feature the missing four tracks and only a few of these remain in the world.

3_The Beatles
Yesterday and Today
sold for $38,500
WHY: Before Capitol Records replaced these album covers with a more wholesome photo of The Beatles, the group originally posed smiling in butcher aprons while holding dismantled baby dolls and raw meat. Apparently it is the most desired Beatles album of all time.

2_The Quarrymen
That’ll Be the Day
sold for $180,000
WHY: Only one copy of this 78rpm album was made, then passed around amongst the group and their friends. The copy was eventually lost, but rediscovered by John Duff Lowe, former classmate of Sir Paul McCartney.

1_John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Double Fantasy
sold for $525,000
WHY: John Lennon signed this particular album just hours before he was assassinated by Mark David Chapman.
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