Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard

By Monique Dolan
Manufactured by Record Pressing

The 6-piece indie rock band Ra Ra Riot, has been taking over music festivals, venues, and listeners ears from New York to Iceland since 2006. Freshly signed to the BARSUK record label, their latest release, “The Orchard” reveals the mature artistic qualities of a veteran band. Late last summer they disappeared into a country house – built in an orchard located deep in upstate New York – to record their newest album, appropriately titled “The Orchard”. The result of nature’s seclusion is evident of the band’s second, noticeably polished and emotionally driven album out now on vinyl manufactured by Record Pressing.

The band’s 12″ has been produced in two separate, but equally important versions for Ra Ra Riot. There are two different versions of this release: 2,000 copies of traditional black vinyl records packaged in shrink-wrap for the general marketplace and a limited run of 250 pieces for the collector’s market – with additional features, including: an unusual cotton candy magenta marble colored vinyl disc packaged in import quality poly bags – providing something extra for those who truly love Ra Ra Riot.

Both pressings showcase full color center labels: with the A-side label rendered in mossy green hues perfectly complimenting the B-side’s orchard image. The Album Jacket shows the band name and title of the record in silver and magenta foil stamping which is dramatically set against reverse board full color artwork. Inside the package is an uncoated 4-panel full color printed insert that reflects the exterior artwork and includes the lyrics to all tracks. Both pressings include a high quality MP3 code allowing the consumer to download the music – to enhance the value of this package further. This release reflects the labor of love that this project represents for both the band and the Barsuk label. Both versions are extremely well thought out, high quality packages which offer real value to the fans. Record Pressing is proud to have played a part in getting this release out and into the hands of Ra Ra Riot’s fans.

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4 Responses to Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard

  1. Mack Jackson says:

    Just got my copy! This record package is unlike anything else in my collection.

  2. Micah says:

    I saw these guys out at Treasure Island last weekend! Great featuring their album!

  3. stems record man says:

    this record is off the hook, The pressing is nice good job guys ! what’s coming off the presses soon?

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