2010 Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival

Join Record Pressing and the folks of the San Francisco Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival this evening at 6pm as they kick off their 14th annual event with a free opening party at The Makeout Room!

For the last 13 years, Mission Creek has worked with musicians and artists to unify Bay Area talent from the very independent to those who have acquired international success. This year is no different. The next five days will be comprised of film screenings, art presentations, a vinyl record panel discussion, and live music at your favorite music venues, including a free whole-day festival at McLaren Park!

Keep an eye out for the Record Pressing staff who will be giving away t-shirts and conducting a raffle for a grand prize to receive $1600 DOLLARS OFF a package of 1,000 180g vinyl records!!

For the full week long schedule, visit the Mission Creek website.

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1 Response to 2010 Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival

  1. stems record man says:

    I got to go to this, this year it was an awesome show of some nice acts id never heard. Im definately going to attend again next year. Does anyone know if they do shows around town?


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