Oh, What A Package!

It’s been sixteen years since they’ve reigned at the top of the charts, but as you may have heard by now, The Rolling Stones are back on the UK’s number one spot with the reissue of Exile On Main Street. So, what’s the difference from the 38-year-old original recording? Let’s take a look at the super deluxe edition package:

– The original 18 track CD
CD edition of 10 UNRELEASED bonus tracks
– 30 minute documentary DVD
– 50 page collector’s photo book
Double vinyl LP set

Of the unreleased tracks on the bonus CD, Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone, “I went back in the archives and dug out a load of things. I added some percussion and some vocals. Keith put guitar on one or two.” But when asked about modifying the originals, Keith Richards added, “I really wanted to leave them pretty much as they were. I didn’t want to interfere with the Bible, you know. They still had that great basement sound.”

The collector’s item is limited, but copies are currently available through Amazon, Live Nation and the Rolling Stones’ store.

Watch the video for the Stones’ new song Following The River!
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2 Responses to Oh, What A Package!

  1. Mack Jackson says:

    Collection pieces are the BEST! What label released this?

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